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If you've ever uttered the question, Why? then this story is for you. (More clearly stated, if you've ever utterly cried out, WHY!!??!! then please keep reading.)

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Ill do my best to conceal the identities of all the players involved in this true story, but the reality is that my greatest attempt at anonymity is pointing out that anybody could play these roles. There is a uniformity of condition that applies to us all.

It was a typical day in my life and family. Typical stresses. Typical novelties. Typical happenings. (Thats where all the good stuff happens, by the way, in the typical things.). It was Spring and my family had enjoyed a day at the park. Upon arriving home, it was discovered that a childs shoe had been lost. Not just any shoe, but a new shoe. Not just a new shoe, but a new shoe that was given as a giftless than a week prior to this. Yikes.

Searches we're begun. Fruitless. Interrogations we're launched. Where did you take it off?! Tell me and no one gets hurt! No answers. Thats when the thunder began to roll, and as with most storms the raindrops of tears we're not far behind.

I tried my best to placate those involved, but it was like pouring gasoline onto a fire. Emotions boiled. Voices raised. And most strikingly questions we're asked. Big questions about Gods sovereignty over things in our life, the reality of our faith, and His supposed love for us.

At that point, I knew something deeper was occurring, and began to consider more closely what I was witnessing.

What I saw and heard we're the actions, reactions, feelings, and questions of someone who had absolutely no knowledge or understanding of the gospel. I saw utter despair and hopelessness being played out over a non-issue. And so I asked myself, Why?

And this is what I realized. The answer to my question of why this was happening here in my house was because the same thing is happening in my neighbors house as well . The difference? We know the gospel. They dont.

How can I best communicate a truth if not from a real understanding of the depth and context of the problem. And not just the problem itself, but the feelings and questions it spins off into. I had to understand that Gods love and salvation for me was independent of the feelings that can arise in my life. The same is true for those around me.

The reason my world felt like it was ending over the loss of a shoe was so that I would know how that lady behind me in the checkout line is feeling with her four monkeys (I mean, kids) running around crazy. I could understand the place that my co-worker wakes up in every morning and goes home to every night. I can grasp the real condition of that girl I notice in the hallway every week.

Now the differences between myself and those around me we're being reduced to one thing the gospel of forgiveness and redemption in Jesus.

The Bible states that we are comforted in our distress for a greater purpose than our relief. We are comforted by God through the reality of the gospel so that we may be able to comfort those who are in any affliction.

So I had my answer to my question of why?, and it was so that I could be the answer to someone elses WHY??!! And the answer is the same for you, Christian. You are feeling the things you're feeling for the sole purpose of understanding how another person feels apart from a knowledge of grace. Both the gospel and the feelings are real and true. Now you know them both.

The reality is that your world is not actually falling apart (though it feels like it is), but someone elses is. And they feel just the same as you do with one eternally major difference. They now need to know what you know. Go and tell them.

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