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"Thank you, Daddy"

Im in my bed with Amy downstairs. Baby Rose is in her crib across the hall, and three girls are upstairs in the magical bunk-bed.

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Actually, two girls are in their beds. One is at the top of the stairs calling out for me. As I head up the dark stairs to resolve the latest mid-night crisis I'm running through the list of top possibilities as to what I might face. Wet bed? Blankets messed up? Thirstiness? Bad dream?

Its Sophie tonight who needs me. Whats wrong, Sweetheart?

Daddy, I had a bad dream., she says with flashlight in hand as if to ward off whatever is hiding up there.

It doesn't take much to get her reassured and back in bed. Sophie is a brave girl. But she's eyeing that empty spot next to her sisters on the bottom bunk. Go ahead., I say and she hops into bed with big sister Grace.

I scan the rubble on the floor for an extra blanket and find the comfy blue one. As I drape it over all three girls, each one stirs and adjusts to the new sleeping arrangements.

And then, floating up to my ears from behind the veil of darkness and blankies, three words melt my heart and illumine this little mundane encounter.

Thank you, Daddy.

In a flash, I gain some perspective on both how and how much God loves us. Me and you. And how thankful I am to him.

You and I are born into a dire reality. Yes, there are good days, boring days, exciting days. But the truth of the matter is that we are born into death.

I sense the negative reaction to those words even as I type them, and I sympathize. But it doesn't change the fact that they are true. We are born. We live. We die. There is something not quite right, something broken. And though we seldom talk about it, we all recognize it if we're being honest.

Id like to invite you into that place of honesty right now. Into that place of recognized brokenness and utter inability to escape. Perhaps the direness of things will stir us from sleep and cause our hearts to race with fear. And, like Sophie, perhaps well seek out two things that we desperately want and need.

Light and Daddy.

In the midst of darkness, I plead with you not to grow accustomed to it or resign to it. There is light! Seek it out. Seek him out. Jesus calls himself the light of the world, and he radiates the rightness of God into the all the dark places where we feel the weight of wrong (sin).

Jesus also identifies himself as the way. The way to where? He is the way to the Father. To Daddy. When you sense aloneness and inadequacy like a child in the dark, call out to him. Be assured that if I will go up the stairs in the middle of the night to save Sophie, God will descend (God has descended) into your darkness of night to thoroughly save you.

In the presence of God, darkness is made light. Anxiety and fear are blanketed with comfort and assurance. Isolation is erased by the nearness of brothers and sisters all around us. The nightmare of death fades into merely a bad dream. All that is wrong is swallowed up in the knowledge of all His rightness. All His glory. And in the moments when we fear most, we are lovingly brought back to the truth that His presence is an eternal reality and all our fears are quickly passing away.

As you readjust into the love and warmth of the Father, don't forget to pray those three words that tell of comfort received, faith assured, and fears relieved

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