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My daughter celebrated her eighth birthday

My daughter celebrated her eighth birthday not to long ago. What do you suppose she asked for? It was a critter. She announced as a matter of fact that she would like a hermit crab for her birthday. My customers, you gotta love em. They are always ready to help at a moments notice. My daughter knew exactly who to tell to get her birthday wish to come true.

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I wasn't sure what to think when I arrived home with a sick child from the hospital and saw an aquarium filled with hermit crab paraphernalia on my kitchen table. My little girl let out squeals of delight as she looked at not one but two hermit crabs in the aquarium. The aquarium was loaded with everything a hermit crab could want and more. Wait a minute; I think these crabs have it better than I do. They are living in the lap of luxury.

Well, the crabs are still alive a week later. However, we have a bit of a problem. I thought I would break my blogging silence to see if any of my learned readers could help me. My nine year old son came in with a confession. The crab named Sea Shell should be renamed Leg O less because he is missing one leg. I did what any mortified mother would do I begged for him not to tell me how the crab ended up minus a leg. There are some things mommas just don't really need to know. My children have been trained to be honest and the guilt pummeled my son until he confessed, I didn't mean to pull his leg off, I was just seeing how far it stretched. He started to get teary-eyed and I realized it wasn't purposeful torture.I managed to calm my queasy stomach to go see if the critter was still alive. Sure enough it was and three days later the crab still lives.

Do any of you readers know if crabs regenerate lost limbs? Should we expect a full blown match box funeral in the near future? Should I come up with a replacement crab to stave off buckets of tears which are sure to accompany the announcement of a fallen hermit crab?

Your insights and tips are greatly appreciated. Now back to peace, propriety and yeah all that.

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