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This past month has been my favorite thus far! You have reached so many milestones! Your daddy's crawling lessons have paid off. You finally learned how to crawl! Also, you pulled yourself up using the coffee table we had to try and get your Gerber Yogurt Melts. Although, we had to get rid of that table and replace it with an ottoman because your daddy and I we're afraid you hit yourself on the hard wood corners and hurt yourself. Food seems to be your motivation hahaha

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Speaking of food, contrary to last month, you actually like green peas now! You are eating more puree fruits and vegetables that come in packs and we continue to give you the baby mum mums, Gerber puffs and yogurt melts. You got your 3rd and 4th teeth this month so I guess those are helping you chew up your food. Good thing because you love to eat!

You mumble all the time. My favorite specific moment was when I said "hi" to you and it sounded like you said "hi" back!

One of my favorite thing about having you is that I get to dress you up with cute outfit and headbands 🙂 I dressed you up with this super cute, yellow, flowery dress for Spring time, along with a yellow headband. Then on Easter, I put this frilly, pink dress on you. I loved it!

Your Auntie Cassandra and I took you to Welk Resort for your first time at the pool. I got you the cutest swimsuit ever. It's pink and has some colorful ruffles on the chest and on the butt! I also got you a matching ruffly hat with flower on the side! You enjoyed being on the water. You loved slapping the water with your hands. I could tell you we're having so much fun because you didn't mind the water splashing your face! After we had some fun at the pool, we dried ourselves off and had some snacks! I brought your Hello Kitty towel. I am so glad I did because you looked super cute in it! We had such a blast at the pool. The only thing though, I wish that your daddy was also there to have fun with us, but he had to work.

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