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My heart filled with pride when I saw him rush to the door...

My heart filled with pride when I saw him rush to the door to welcome a new girl, offer her a toy and bring her to sit on the rug. Then when we started the welcome song he showed her when the clapping was about to start. To see this growth in understanding and confidence, combined with a joy of sharing is incredible to me, especially when I remember back to our first sessions! If you're new to class and just reading this, take a look at my other 'Kindermusik from Experience' posts to follow our journey.

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*This week also, joy of joys, he had his very first self-initiated, self-directed jamming session! He discovered "Bestest in the Barn" from Charlie and Lola.

We put it on the TV, he got out his maracas and made up his own riff to go with it! He must have played it 10 times over before he came running to me out of breath with the biggest look of joy and wonder on his face. "Mummy!!! Racas!!" Oh if we could bottle those moments of discovery

*We drove to Dover to get a ferry for our holiday. He woke up just as we arrived and shouted, 'Leg over! Leg over!' We had just been doing the Pet Parade rhyme that week-

"Leg over leg as the dog went to Dover. He came to a stile, juuuuuump he went over!"

*He's starting to make up his own songs and rhymes now too. My favourite one so far was about his fork jumping on his plate.

*He continually asks for his toy dog to "Flip flop Zig zag!" like in My Dog Ragsand his physical movements are close to the dance

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