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Regardless of your answer I'm willing to bet that my daughter, Abby,...

Regardless of your answer I'm willing to bet that my daughter, Abby, loves it more than you do. Heres the back story.

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My girls got new bunk-beds last week. Custom-designed, hand-made, two-under, one-up. (They even double as a boat/castle/airplane if your imagine is up to it). They love their bunk-beds. Most of the time.

My oldest, Grace, had been blessed with a tremendous and beautiful imagination. That translates into mind-blowing artwork by day, and irrationally fearful thoughts at night. Invariably, as I do my final check of the night, I find that Grace has climbed down from her tower of refuge and has commandeered the space of one of her sisters.

Being a Dad with the capacity to seemingly solve all the problems of a 6-year old, I had the thought flashlight. That'll do the trick. It will serve as a novel distraction, provide some push back against the dark, and allow my daughter to stay put.

But any parent of multiple children knows that one flashlight is not a solution. It creates a bigger problem. So, it wasn't one flashlight purchased at the Dollar Tree. It was three flashlights. Easy enough except that they come in a thousand colors. Running several real-life reaction scenarios in my head led to the purchase of two pink ones and one blue one. The blue one was for Abby.

I've hosted 12 birthday parties over the past 6 years, but only one has had a color as it's theme. It was Abby's 2nd and it was blue. Its a given. If color is involved, Abby's going with blue.

Triumphantly, I entered our home and announced the gifts for the princesses. Flashlights we're handed out.

Pink one.

Pink one.

Blue one.

3 squeals of joy + 0 cries of, I want that one! = Victory.

Problem solved, I thought. But never make the mistake of pitting $1 worth of plastic against the creative destruction of a two-year-old. I think Abby's flashlight lasted a day and a half before it was broken. So, what to do?

Daddy's will get you a new flashlight, Abby. Back to the Electronics aisle and what do I find right next to the blue flashlights? Pink Disney princess flashlights! As a father of four daughters how could I rightfully pass that up?

And so we come to the crux of the story. Yesterday I presented Abby with her new, pink Disney Princess flashlight to replace her broken blue one. The first words out of her mouth? That's not a blue one!! Followed by tears. (Needless to say I'm headed back today to pick up a blue one).

You see, Abby knows what she wants. And she sticks to it in the face of enticement and popular conceptions about what she should want. She is hardwired to enjoy the color blue, and no frilly-marketed-Disney-pink thing will do.

Can we say the same thing about ourselves when it comes to our faith?

You and I are hardwired for something, too. God has placed eternity and worship in our hearts (Ecclesiastes 3; Acts 17). You've felt it and known it in a hundred different ways, but how often have you pursued it? More rightly stated, how often have you pursued Him and found those longings rightly satisfied?

And, Christian, how firmly have you held to Him in the face of enticements from the world? How fully have you shunned the popular replacements and diversions and clung only to Jesus? How much do you love your color blue?

God gave Abby the color blue as a gift, and when she discovers that one day, she's going to know a love and joy that surpasses everything blue that she can imagine. God gave you something, too. And when you find Him behind it as the Giver (James 1), you will know it as well.

If these words have meant something to you, would you please pass them on to someone else today? I greatly appreciate it. Also, your feedback or story posted as a comment would be amazing to hear. Please pipe in and share below!

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