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Before I can start this story, I must return to the beginning when my brother and I first arrived. We met the house parent Tony for the first time and he went over a set of rules we must follow. The one rule I remember is the no gun policy. We could not have a toy gun, use an object as pretend guns, or use our fingers as guns.

I believe it was a week or two since I got back from the hospital because I still had a patch on my right eye. All the kids where lining up to get their allowance and I thought for sure I would not get mine because I had been in the hospital and did not do my chores. I got in line anyway and waited my turn. To my surprise fifty cent was slid out of the change envelope and handed to me. The house parent marked my name off and I turned to leave and looked for my brother. I found him and in great excitement headed to the corner store to purchase candy.

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We exited the back gate at Ivy House and hung a left and ran to the corner store. We entered the front glass doors and headed for the candy section, but before I could get there a beautiful red and white toy ray gun caught my eye. I do not know what it was about this gun, but it pulled at me like a light to a flying insect. I picked the gun up and started pointing it at everything I saw. I had to have this gun! I called my brother over and said Lets buy this gun! I looked at the price and reached into my pocket and pulled out my allowance and realized I did not have enough money to buy the gun. My impulse to have this gun was so strong that I quickly formulated a plan to get this gun. I was going to steal it! I grabbed the gun and pretended that I was invisible and simply was going to walk out the store and no one would ever know. My plan was flawed! I was not invisible and the store manager yelled Stop. I'd been caught! The gun was taken from me and the manager asked where we lived. I said Ivy House and he stepped behind the counter and picked up the phone and called someone. The manager hung up the phone and told us to go home.

I was so scared. I knew Tony was the house parent on duty and all that went through my head was No guns. Not only did I try to steal, but it the item was a gun. The walk back seemed to take hours though it had only been about ten minutes. My brother and I walked through cottage one doors and there stood Tony waiting to intercept us. I stood in front of him in shame looking at the ground. He told me to look him in the face and asked why I tried to steal? Without wasting a moment, I said because I did not have enough money to buy it. To my surprise his chin started to quiver and his eyes swelled up with tears! He bent down and picked me up and kissed me on the left check. Not sure if it was because I was wearing an eye patch or that I told the truth. Anyhow, he set me down and told my brother and me that he was taking us back to the store for us to apologize to the manager. He walked us back down to the corner store and made us wait at the front glass doors to the store as he went in to talk with the manager. After a brief moment, Tony motioned for us to come in. Tony then told the manager that we had something to tell him. I looked at the manager and told him I was sorry for trying to steal from him. At this point Tony told us to head back to the cottage and wait for him. We both got back and took a seat on the green couch. My head was swirling and the anticipation of his return put my stomach in knots. Tony walked through the door and came up to me. I stood up from my seat and he knelt down and told me the next time if I wanted something not to steal it, but come and talk with him. He then pulled from behind his back the ray gun I had tried to steal and handed it to me. I was speechless! I was in conflict! What about the rule? I simply said thank you and ran off with my new ray gun yelling POW POW

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