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The first day of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Francofile is celebrating the joy of homemade Christmas trees. My family has made a lot of holiday decorations together, & I have many memories tied to particular ornamentsfrom my mom's dancing elves ornaments, made when she was in Girl Scouts, to the blue beauties she got me the Christmas before I got married so that I could begin decorating my new family tree.

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Nothing says the holidays to me like taking some time to do holiday crafts, & a few of my friends have shown me some great examples this year. (Plus, Pinterest is exploding with Christmas.) One of my incredibly talented friends (knitter, chair-fixer, wine-maker, professional baker) pointed some of these out to me, & I went crazy looking at fun crafts for coming years. Here are some fun things to make your chilly afternoons merry & bright.

The Kids-Can-Help Christmas Tree

  • from Good Housekeeping, a simple, fabric-covered "kissing ball" with mistletoe (plus 6 other fun ideas)
  • from Christopher & Tia, yarn-wrapped, tiny wreaths
  • from Meed the Dubiens, the Model Magic take on traditional plaster of Paris ornaments (love those ornaments)

The Traditional Christmas Tree

  • from McCormick, cinnamon ornaments (just cinnamon & applesaucewho knew?!)
  • from Pecuniarities, fragile & elegant painted egg shells (obviously not a craft for me)
  • from the God of Crafts, simple citrus slices
  • and again from Martha Stewart, "snowy balloon ornaments" (let me know if you get these to work, as I've failed several times)
  • from HoftheHH, how to make a (lasting, successful) popcorn & cranberry garland

The Cute Crafts I Don't Have Time For (but hope you do)

  • from House Revivals, snowflakes from strips of books or newspaper pages
  • darn you, Martha Stewartcute wreaths of woven ribbon
  • from Betz White, awesome felt ogees
  • from pilli pilli, a great idea for using up my extra muslin & increasing my embroidery skills
  • from curbly, an awesome button-covered ornament

I will never buy ornaments again! So much fun to be had. Enjoy.

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