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Online courses and training gaining more leverage by the day

With the internet becoming more and more accessible and one of the major sources of entertainment and information, it is only natural that online courses and training will gain more leverage by the day. Besides corporate training and communication,several courses are also becoming available online. Many of these courses are job-oriented and designed to improve employability skills as well as computer literacy.

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The obvious advantage of online courses is that they can be offered to a large number of students and the institutes or organizations need not worry about facilities such as classrooms and equipments. In addition to that, taking online courses is a great way to experience education standards and the education system abroad. You need not travel to a foreign country to take a course that is being offered online. You get access to the faculty and online resources of reputed institutions abroad by taking their courses online. Needless to mention that a certificate from an institute of repute can greatly enhance your demand in the job-market.

Not too many institutions in India offer courses online whereas this practice has gained a lot of popularity in the West. I guess we can start by offering part of our distance learning courses online so that Universities won't have to ship large amounts of reading material to their students. We can even look forward to the theoretical exams being conducted online in due time. This will make distance education cost-effective while retaining it's wide accessibility.

However, for that to happen, we need to ensure computers and the internet reach all our villages and towns. Here's hoping that happens soon.

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