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The Circle Of Life And Death

The circle of life and death is a natural process. Everybody wishes the re-union with the Almighty and successfully complete the circle of life. A set of rules and procedures are unique to each religion and have their own set of ceremonies. But our ethics and to a certain extent, our religious fear makes us turn an unmindful and a rather nonchalant eye to our burial and crematory practices which have a profound environment impacts. Mother Earth has given us so much to cherish, we also need to reciprocate by fulfilling some of the duties.

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There are two ways adopted by people irrespective of faith to pay homeage to their dead: Burial and cremation. Mummification, a common form of Egyptian burial has also attracted the attention of many because of it's rather extraordinary way of elaborately treating dead bodies.There are environmental concerns in all these crematorial techniques.

Combustion of limited fossil fuel while cremating bodies in Hindu tradition leads to air pollution. The release of mercury from a person's teeth has an adverse impact on the environment. Still, cremation is hailed as a rather clean method because it attempts to maintain the ecological balance. A strengthening step in this direction would be strict regulations on the prescribed level of emissions by cremators and preservation of the cremated remains inside bio-degradable bags. What needs to be borne in mind is that, while bodies in India, in the Hindu tradition are burnt on the funeral pyre and their ashes immersed in the Holy Ganges, the West where this practice is becoming popular uses cremators for this purpose.

There is no smoke emission in case of a burial and hence people feel it's a more eco-friendly cremating technique. The use of potentially dangerous herbicides, it's effect on water supplies and the use of plastic and other materials used for coffin manufacture can pose a serious threat to the environment. People cremating their loved ones should insist on usage of non-harmful herbicides and biodegradable coffins and caskets. Tree plantation should be carried on a large scale in and around the cemetery to reduce carbon footprints and steps should be taken to convert them into wildlife reserves. This will greatly diminish the use of herbicides for weed control as well as cause only a minimal damage to nature and environment.

It is important to raise awareness of "green burials" and encourage cremation without creating unnecessary pressure on the environment. All of us are aware of the corroding effect of chemicals, still embalming involving the replacement of body fluids with formaldehyde, a carcinogen is practiced widely especially in the West. All crematorial methods should be made as environment friendly as possible to ensure ecological-balance.

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