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Diploma in Elementary Education (DIEE)

Diploma in Elementary Education course is an effective academic course for students that enhances their understanding and competencies, such as; in-service teachers. This is why SEI suggests that DIEE is an Ideal course for capacity building of in-service teachers, social workers, local government councellors, and NGO officials. The course equips students with pedagogical skills and attitudes in order to make teaching and learning fun, for teachers and students, respectively. Besides, this Diploma program strengthens students abilities to perform their tasks effectively and rendering them competent for this global era.

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Course Structure

Diploma in Elementary Education is designed to take 8 months, with the second semester having a research course unit, where students have to write a research paper.

A) Semester. I

  • Introduction to Elementary Education
  • Theories of Learning
  • Introduction to philosophy of education
  • Understanding Children, Childhood and the Development of Children,
  • Information Communication Technology
  • Understanding Language and Early Literacy Language Education
  • The concepts of Teaching and Learning
  • English Proficiency and Pedagogy of English Language
  • Cognition Learning and the Socio-cultural context

B) Semester. II

  • Introduction to Curriculum and Learners needs.
  • Understanding the Self Teacher Identity and School Culture
  • Teaching Techniques and Skills
  • Intergrated Learning
  • School culture, Leadership and Change
  • Education and Technology
  • Diversity, Gender and Education
  • Research

Examination Procedure

  • Academic coursework 30%
  • Mid Semester Test 20%
  • Examination 50%

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